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Check out our extensive selection of guided and self-guided tours below, or search by country, tour type and/or level of difficulty. If you have something else in mind, contact us and we can customize a tour to your requirements.  We believe that every trip should be special and will work with you to make your dream come true.

Need help with our tours difficulty levels? View our difficulty legends.

Czech Republic- Germany - Group Cycle from Prague to Meissen Germany (2022)

CZECH REPUBLIC- GERMANY - Group Cycle from Prague to Meissen Germany 8 Days/7 Nights Cycle from Prague in the Czech Republic to Meissen in Germany, along attractive riverside paths in the Vitava and Elbe valleys. Wander the streets of Prague and soak up the atmosphere of one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Hughlights include:

Saxon Switzerland - Bike through sandstone gorges and wooded valleys

Dresden - Traffic-free arrival into the heart of Germany's finest Baroque city

Czech – Austria - Slovakia - Hungary – Prague to Budapest Bicycle Tour (2022)

CZECH - AUSTRIA - SLOVAKIA - HUNGARYPrague to Budapest Bicycle Tour 12 days and 11 nights' accommodation for the self-guided: you will be in selected hotels and pensions (city standard/premium) with breakfast on all days and transportation of luggage between hotels between 9 am and 4 pm. Individual pre-tour meeting at appointed time at client hotel on the first day of the tour providing the cyclist with day by day description with altitude profiles, places to visit and local tips, official biking maps with highligh

Czech – Germany - Prague to Berlin Bike Tour (2022)

A 11 day /10 night self-guided tour from Prague to Berlin Starting from the noble palaces and castles of Prague through to the wine regions on the Elbe, the mild pine forest of Saxony and Brandenburg, and finally the lovely area of Potsdam Lakes and then on to Berlin. This long distance trail is mostly flat with a mixture of history and beauty along the way. For more information download the PDF we have other tours in the area.


Czech – Poland – Prague to Krakow Bicycle Tour (2022)

CZECH - POLANDPrague to Krakow Bicycle Tour 12 days / 11 nights or 9 days/ 8 nights guided and self guided options Come ride with us to explore Prague and Krakow - the ancient capitals of the Czech Lands and Poland - and the unique cultures between them. This important route is framed with 6 UNESCO world heritage sites, numerous castles and plenty of little towns and hidden villages! The tour starts with a pedal from Prague to the Elbe River to follow it upstream.

Denmark - Best of Northern Zealand Bike Tour (2022)

DENMARK: Best of North Zealand. 7 days and 6 nights' hotel accommodation with buffet breakfasts, daily luggage transfer, maps and route description and a 24 hour hotline service in case of problems or questions. Very easy tour with short stages starting and finishing in Copenhagen, Denmark's largest city with over one and a half million people with the surrounding area. Major streets have bike paths down each side. Many sites to see including one of the longest walking streets in the world.

Denmark - Copenhagen Area Cycling Tours based in one Hotel (2022)

Denmark - Copenhagen Area Cycling Tours based in one Hotel  7 Days/ 6 Nights Self-Guided Mighty castles, modern architecture and great art are all close together in Denmark's capital. At the same time, the hustle and bustle familiar from other big cities is missing. Danish kings, Vikings, Hamlet and charming Copenhagen await you on this tour.  In addition to charming Copenhagen, the breathtaking star tour takes you to the most beautiful cities and places in Zealand. Roskilde and Elsinore with Kronborg Castle are just two examples.

Denmark - East Jutland Bicycle Tour (2022)

DENMARK: East Jutland Aarhus has been named European Capital of Culture 2017. 7 days and 6 nights accommodation including buffet breakfast, daily luggage transfer, maps and route description and hotline service in case of problems or if you have questions. Tour charming Aarhus with cafes and museums. Wonderful inland route that is reasonably flat with the occasional small hills riding along bike paths, closed down railway tracks and minor roads. You will find that most people speak English.

Denmark - Funen and Aero Biking Tour (2022)

DENMARK: Funen and Aero biking tour 7 days and 6 nights' accommodation with choices of city centre or beach. All accommodation comes with buffet breakfast. Included also is daily luggage transfer, tour booklet with maps and sightseeing highlights. 24 hour hotline for service or questions. Ferry from Faaborg to Aero and from Aero to Svendborg included. Beaches and castles plus the unique island of Aero with their "easy living". This tour takes you to a different world!

Denmark - Fyn - Denmark´s Romantic Heart Cycling Tour (2022)

DENMARK - Fyn - Denmark´s Romantic Heart Cycling Tour 8 days/ 7 nights Self Guided -The island of Fyn is often referred to as the garden of Denmark. Renowned for its fruit there is so much to say about this wonderful island. Fyn is also in the centre of Denmark, making the island very accessible from both Copenhagen Airport and with the train directly from the rest of Europe. 

Denmark - Island of Bornholm Bicycle Tour (2022)

DENMARK - Island of Bornholm Bicycle Tour 7 days/ 6 nights Self Guided The island of Bornholm is a cyclist’s paradise. It’s like the Scandinavian landscape was taken straight from a picture book. The network of bicycle trails on the island were strategically built for the best cycling holiday experience. Cycle on the cycling route around the island and enjoy excursions along the way.


For more information download the PDF