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Check out our extensive selection of guided and self-guided tours below, or search by country, tour type and/or level of difficulty. If you have something else in mind, contact us and we can customize a tour to your requirements.  We believe that every trip should be special and will work with you to make your dream come true.

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Denmark - Sweden - Royal Zealand,Copenhagen and Sweden (2021)

DENMARK - SWEDEN: Royal Zealand, Copenhagen and Sweden. 7 days and 6 nights hotel accommodation with buffet breakfasts, daily luggage transfer, maps and route description and 24 hour hotline service in case of problems or questions. This tour has a couple of longer distances but there are options to shorten those distances. The tour starts and finishes in Copenhagen which has cycling lanes down each side of the major streets. Denmark's capital and largest city with a population over one and a half million people when you include the surrounding area.

Denmark –Zealand Circuit Bike Tour (2021)

DENMARK –Zealand Circuit Bike Tour 8 days/7 nights self guided Whether you begin your tour shopping, strolling through town to the old harbour with its little mermaid, or visiting Tivoli Gardens? The charm of Denmark’s capital will put you in the mood for the next days of your tour


For more information download the PDF 

Denmark- Fyn Cycling the Fairytale Island - Small Danish Hotels (2021)

DENMARK- Fyn Cycling the Fairytale Island - Small Danish Hotels 8 days/ 7 nights self-guided Fyn is a fairytale. The best way of experiencing the fairytale is by spending the nights in the small cozy inns and hotels that are members of the "Small Danish Hotels" hotel chain.

Discover Central Vietnam by Bike (2020-2021)

Vietnam offers cyclists a host of remarkable riding opportunities, and this tour takes full advantage of that. As you make your way from the energetic city of Ho Chi Minh along the coast to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and stunning natural wonders, through mountains and countryside to Hoi An, you’ll experience everything from historic monuments and citadels to small fishing villages, the caves of Phong Nha, and countless rice fields.

Ecuador- Quito and Beyond Bike Tour 2020

ECUADOR- Quito and Beyond Bike Tour -Discover Quito, the capital of Ecuador, high in the Andes at 2,850m above sea level, tempting visitors with even higher peaks. Quito is flanked by the active Pichincha volcano and has a beautifully preserved historic quarter, where grand colonial-era churches and the presidential palace are all situated within a dozen square blocks of narrow streets and public squares.

England - Cycling in the Cotswold's Bike Tour (2021)

ENGLAND: Cycling in the Cotswold's Bike Tour 7 days and 6 nights' accommodation with breakfast and luggage transfer. Good route instructions and maps. Total cycling distance about 283 km on some flat and some hilly areas through Cotswold's and Shakespeare country. Beautiful and scenic route offering a chance to step back in time by visiting some of the quintessential villages that the area is renowned for.

England - Hadrian's Wall and the English Lake District Bike Tour (2021)

ENGLAND: Hadrian's Wall and the English Lake District Bike Tour 8 days and 7 nights' accommodation with breakfast and daily luggage transfer. Included with the maps are the route instructions. Total cycling distance is approximately 336 km with some hilly sections. This fabulous circular route covers some of the UK's most visited region including the famous Roman Hadrian's wall constructed in Roman times to keep out the Pict's from Roman Britain. Part of this special route is through the English Lake District.

England - The Shropshire Castle Cycle Tour (2020)

ENGLAND: The Shopshire Castles Cycle Tour 6 days and 5 nights' accommodation with breakfasts. Two levels of accommodation available. Luggage moved daily. Variety of bike rental options available. Total cycling distance approximately 115-245 km. Easy/moderate cycling. Great information package that provides different route options. Full emergency backup service. Theme of this tour is castles big and small. Included on the route is the medieval town of Ludlow. This tour is a true adventure!

England – France – Belgium - Netherlands - London to Amsterdam by Bike – 2021

ENGLAND-FRANCE-BELGIUM-NETHERLANDS: Either direction from London to Amsterdam or Amsterdam to London. This tour represents a unique opportunity to explore four countries by bike, with the green and blue colours as a common thread. The intense and vibrant green of the English countryside, the Flemish pastures and the Dutch orchards contrast with the blue of the River Thames, North Sea and canals of Holland.

Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Cycling in the Baltic Bike Tour (2021)

ESTONIA - LATVIA - LITHUANIA: Cycling in The Baltics 11 days and 10 nights' accommodation with breakfasts and luggage transfer between hotels. Plus transfers in an air conditioned bus as per the itinerary. Guided tours in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Crossing the Curonian Lagoon (UNESCO World Heritage Site) by boat from Nida to the mainland. Individual information package that includes city guides, maps and route description. This is a very scenic route through three countries with a great variety of towns, villages and special landscapes. So much to see!