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Check out our extensive selection of guided and self-guided tours below, or search by country, tour type and/or level of difficulty. If you have something else in mind, contact us and we can customize a tour to your requirements.  We believe that every trip should be special and will work with you to make your dream come true.

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Netherlands - Rhine Cycle Route From Arnhem to Rotterdam Bicycle Tour (2021)

NETHERLANDS: Rhine Cycle Route from Arnhem to Rotterdam Bicycle Tour 6 days and 5 nights' hotel accommodation with buffet breakfasts and daily luggage transfer. Detailed route description with maps suppled. Total cycling distance 190 to 200 km on easy relatively flat terrain. PART OF THE RHINE RIVER ROUTE The start of this route is in Arnhem, known for the Battle of Arnhem in WWII.  Operation Anger was a military operation after the Battle of Arnhem to seize the city of Arnhem in April 1945, during the closing stages of the Second World War.

Netherlands - The Eleven Cities Tour by Bike (2021)

NETHERLANDS: The Eleven Cities Tour by Bike 8 days and 7 nights' hotel accommodation with buffet breakfasts and daily luggage transfer. Famous Friesland! Map and road book with tourist information supplied. Service hotline if there are any problems. Total cycling distance from 274-293 km of easy cycling on well signposted cycling pathways. The tour name (Eleven Cities) originates when in 1808 two men decided to skate past eleven towns. A total distance of 230 km.

Netherlands - The Great Rivers Bike Tour (2021)

NETHERLANDS: The Great Rivers Bike Tour 8 days and 7 night’s hotel accommodation with breakfasts and daily luggage transfer to the next hotel. Option to book ahead if you want to stay extra in any of the hotels along the route. Detailed route maps and tourist information along the route. Seven days a week service hotline. An easy approximate 337 km of cycling.

Netherlands Belgium- The Flemish Beer Tour (2021)

Netherlands Belgium- The Flemish Beer Tour 8 Days/ 7 Nights Self Guided Belgium is famous for its many different beers. Belgian beer brewing dates to the Middle Ages, when even children drank beer because water could make you ill. Today there are over 200 breweries still in operation. Many popular beers, from refreshing white ale to bolder tripels and quadrupels, can be traced to Belgium.

Netherlands – Amsterdam in One Hotel Bicycle Tour (2021)

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam in One Hotel Bicycle Tour Either 5 days and 4 nights' (cycling distance 186 km) OR 4 days and 3 nights'  (cycling distance 94-139 km) accommodation in either a 3*** or 4**** Amsterdam hotel with a great buffet breakfast. Outdoor swimming pool in season. Detailed route description and maps for each day suggested route. GPS tracks available too. 7 days a week service hotline. AMSTERDAM city of cyclists. This is a holiday based at a cyclist friendly hotel in Amsterdam.

Netherlands – Belgium - France - Amsterdam to Paris Bicycle Tour (2021)

NETHERLANDS - BELGUIM - FRANCE: Amsterdam to Paris OR Paris to Amsterdam 12 days and 11 nights' accommodation in 3*** or 4**** hotels with breakfast and luggage transfer to the next hotel. Great detailed route descriptions, maps and tourist information on all the places of interest. GPS tracks available. 7 days a week service hotline for any problems. Average route with total distance of 746 km. TWO SPECIAL CAPTIAL CITIES A dream bike ride through Europe, from the canals of Amsterdam to the Eifel tower of Paris.

Netherlands- Belgium Abbeys and Beers – Cycling in Brabant and Flanders (2021)

NETHERLANDS BELGIUM Abbeys and Beers – Cycling in Brabant and Flanders- 7 Days/ 6 Nights  Experience the taste of Trappist beers on this unique cycle route which takes you past four Trappist abbeys in Holland and Belgium. Trappist beer is not a type of beer. It is beer that is brewed by a Trappist order of catholic monks. Trappist abbeys are located in gorgeous pastoral countryside where connecting to the earth and to the divine almost comes naturally. Abbeys open their guest rooms to people in need of a short spiritual retreat.

New Zealand - South Island Nelson Lakes Bike Tour (2021)

NEW ZEALAND: South Island Nelson Lakes Bike Tour 7 days and 6 nights' accommodation in mostly 3 and 4 star lodges with 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 6 dinners. Tour comes with full minibus support and an experienced guide/cycle mechanic. Also tour operator provides a souvenir cycle jersey or t-shirt. Tour begins in Picton in the north of the island and finishes in Christchurch. Total cycling distance 240-424 km. Quiet roads and a laid back population. The tour traverses the island ending in the beautiful city of Christchurch.

New Zealand - Southern Alps Tour (2021)

NEW ZEALAND: Southern Alps Tour 10 days and 9 nights accommodation with breakfasts, 6 lunches and 7 dinners. Full minibus support with experienced guide/cycle mechanic. Wine with the final diner. Plus souvenir cycle jersey. Leave from Christchurch on the east side of the south island and finish at Queenstown which sits on a beautiful lake and at the foot of the gondola cablecar. Staying at Franz Josef on the way to experience a view of the incredible Southern Alps. An unreal experience!

Nicaragua, Costa Rica - Panama - Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama Bicycle Tour(2021)

NICARAGUA, COSTA RICA, PANAMA BICYCLE TOUR 14 days and 13 nights' accommodation in comfortable good level of service often mid-range accommodation with other amenities such as a restaurant, bar, garden or swimming pool.