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Check out our extensive selection of guided and self-guided tours below, or search by country, tour type and/or level of difficulty. If you have something else in mind, contact us and we can customize a tour to your requirements.  We believe that every trip should be special and will work with you to make your dream come true.

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Germany - Rhine Bike Path Cycle Tour (2023)

GERMANY: Rhine Bike Path Cycle Tour 7 days and 6 nights' accommodation with breakfast and daily luggage transfer from hotel to hotel. 7 day service hotline. Two categories of accommodation. Distance approximately 210 to 224 km on mostly flat terrain. Daily tour. Lots of medieval fortresses, viniculture and well worth seeing cities. From Mainz to Cologne through Koblenz. Thermal spas and beer gardens.

Germany - Saar, Moselle and Rhine Bicycle Tour (2023)

GERMANY: Saar, Moselle and Rhine Bicycle Tour 8 days and 7 nights' accommodation with breakfasts and daily luggage transfers. Definitely a special part of the world to experience. Detailed route descriptions with tourist information. 7 day hotline if there are any problems. Total cycling distance 296 km on easy bike trails on almost always separate paths. Tour covers part of two rivers. The Saar River with its French flair and industrial history, the Volklinger Hutte is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage today.

Germany - Switzerland - Austria - Lake Constance Bicycle Tour (2023)

Germany - Switzerland - Austria - Lake Constance Bicycle Tour - 7 Days / 6 Nights Self Gudied This classic Lake Constance bike tour is not only one of our most popular tours, but also the perfect opportunity to get to know the most beautiful corners around Lake Constance in a relaxed way by bike. You start in Constance. The city of the Council of Constance impresses with a picturesque old town, a lively harbour and an eventful history.

Germany - Switzerland - Austria - Lake Constance Discovery Cycle Tour (2023)

GERMANY SWITZERLAND AUSTRIA: Lake Constance Discovery Cycle Tour 12 days and 11 nights' accommodation in 3*** hotels with breakfasts. Included is daily luggage transfer and one set of the route cycle maps.

Germany - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Austria Three Lakes and Four Countries (2023)

GERMANY-SWITZERLAND-LEICHTENSTEIN-AUSTRIA: Three Lakes and Four Countries Cycle Tour  8 Days/ 7 Nights The easy-to-drive Swiss Lakes Route stretches from the Mediterranean flair of Lake Constance to the high mountains through Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. You will discover the Schaffhausen Rhine Falls on an exciting boat trip, get to know the cosmopolitan city of Zurich on Lake Zurich of the same name and cross Lake Walen by boat at the foot of the Churfirsten.

Germany - Switzerland - Romantic High Rhine Cycle Tour (2023)

GERMANY SWITZERLAND: Romantic High Rhine Cycle Tour 7 days and 6 nights 3*** hotel accommodation with breakfasts and daily luggage transfer. Each room receives one set of maps with cycle route description. 7-day service hotline for any questions. Extra features of this tour are entrance to Rosgarten museum in Constance including 1 coffee, boat trip to the Rhine Falls rock and the rain ride Rheinfelden – Basel including bike. Total cycling distance 255 km on relatively easy level ground with dedicated cycling paths and bike lanes on the first parts of the route.

Germany - The Baltic Sea - Lubeck - Stralsund (2023)

GERMANY: Baltic Sea from Lubeck to Stralsund Bike Tour 8 days and 7 nights This diverse cycle tour takes you through the unspoilt coastal landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It enchants visitors with fine sandy beaches, old seaside resorts, fishing villages and the unique Bodden landscape, as well as impressive cliffs and pine forests. Famous, once wealthy hanseatic cities with rich brick architecture and countless touristic attractions are to be found along the route.

Germany - The Baltic Sea - Lübeck – Flensburg Cycle Tour (2023)

GERMANY: The Baltic Sea-Lubeck-Flensburg Cycle Tour 8 days and 7 nights' accommodation with breakfasts and daily luggage transfer from hotel to hotel. Each room will be supplied with comprehensive travel information and maps. Service hotline is available to respond to any problems.

Germany -Moselle Thrilling Ride Ahead Bike Tour (2023)

GERMANY: Moselle Thrilling Ride Ahead 6 day with 5 nights’ accommodation with breakfasts, luggage transfer, and maps of the bike trails with the marked route, detailed route description. Mostly gentle downhill along the Moselle River as it moves its way running into the Rhine River at Koblenz. This tour leaves Trier daily.

Germany – Austria - Italy - From Munich to Venice Bicycle Tour (2023)

GERMANY-AUSTRIA-ITALY - From Munich to Venice Bicycle Tour 9 Days/8 Nights or 12 Days/ 11 Nights The cycle track “München-Venezia” joins pure leisure cycling with the adventure of traversing the Alps from Germany over Austria to Italy. On cycling paths, cycle routes or small side roads you will experience three countries with their various regions and lots of outstanding natural and cultural beauties.