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Czech Republic - The “Golden City” and the Rivers Moldova & Elbe Bike and Barge Tour (2024)

Czech Republic - The “Golden City” and the Rivers Moldova & Elbe Bike and Barge Tour 8 Days/ 7 NightsThe Czech Republic, the small country in the heart of Europe, impresses with its original river landscapes, picturesque  villages and romantic castles, whose history and architecture can often be traced back to the Middle Ages.

Czech Republic- Germany- Prague to Munich by bike (2024)

Czech Republic- Germany- Prague to Munich by bike 9 Days/ 8 Nights Cycle along a medieval route between the Bohemian kingdom and the Holy Roman Empire that connects two major capitals – Prague and Munich. Both, thanks to their unique architecture and preserved centers, are enlisted in the UNESCO heritage list. 

Czech – Austria - Slovakia - Hungary – Prague to Budapest Bicycle Tour (2024)

CZECH - AUSTRIA - SLOVAKIA - HUNGARYPrague to Budapest Bicycle Tour 12 days and 11 nights' accommodation for the self-guided: you will be in selected hotels and pensions (city standard/premium) with breakfast on all days and transportation of luggage between hotels between 9 am and 4 pm. Individual pre-tour meeting at appointed time at client hotel on the first day of the tour providing the cyclist with day by day description with altitude profiles, places to visit and local tips, official biking maps with highligh

Czech – Austria – Prague- Cesky Krumlov to Vienna Bicycle Tour (2024)

Czech – Austria – Prague- Cesky Krumlov to Vienna Bicycle Tour 8 Days/7 Nights For the first part of the trail from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, you will travel by minibus or car. We leave Prague early in the morning in order to have sufficient time to explore the best-preserved medieval town in Europe, Cesky Krumlov. If you cannot wait to get on the bike you can cycle 26 km long round trip up to Klet hill from Cesky Krumlov on the first day.

Czech – Germany - Prague to Berlin Bike Tour (2024)

A 11 day /10 night self-guided tour from Prague to Berlin Starting from the noble palaces and castles of Prague through to the wine regions on the Elbe, the mild pine forest of Saxony and Brandenburg, and finally the lovely area of Potsdam Lakes and then on to Berlin. This long distance trail is mostly flat with a mixture of history and beauty along the way. For more information download the PDF we have other tours in the area.


Czech – Poland – Prague to Krakow Bicycle Tour (2024)

CZECH - POLANDPrague to Krakow Bicycle Tour 12 days / 11 nights or 9 days/ 8 nights guided and self guided options Come ride with us to explore Prague and Krakow - the ancient capitals of the Czech Lands and Poland - and the unique cultures between them. This important route is framed with 6 UNESCO world heritage sites, numerous castles and plenty of little towns and hidden villages! The tour starts with a pedal from Prague to the Elbe River to follow it upstream.

Czech-Austria- Prague to Vienna Greenway Cycle Tour (2024)

Czech-Austria- Prague to Vienna Greenway Cycle Tour 7 Days/6 Nights or 9 Days/ 8 Nights Discover the beauty of one of the most magnificent bicycle tours in Europe! You will visit the pearls of both the Czech Republic and Austria – during the bike tour Prague - Vienna, four architecturally unique sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, well preserved nature of NP Podyji, as well as countless picturesque towns, villages with specific atmosphere and cultural richness of both countries.

Czech-Austria-Liechtenstein-Slovakia- Iron Curtain Trail by Bike (2024)

Czech-Austria-Liechtenstein-Slovakia- Iron Curtain Trail by Bike 9 Days/ 8 Nights The name says it all – we will ride along the border between Communist East and Democratic West, marked by the infamous Iron Curtain from 1948 until late 1989.  But we will discover lands that were connected for centuries whose spirits still endure and even thrive together again.     

Czech-Germany Prague-Passau bike tour (2024)

Czech-Germany Prague-Passau bike tour 6 Days / 5 Nights The Prague-Passau road has always been one of the major communication arteries between Czech Kingdom and German empire.  On this bike tour we will visit antique UNESCO towns Prague and Cesky Krumlov, stronghold and cradle of Czech reformation Tabor, as well as fairytale-like castles of Konopiste, Rozmberk and Hluboka nad Vltavou. In the center of Czech brewing industry, in České Budejovice, you can taste it´s famous product – the Budweiser Budvar (not Budweiser Missoury!).

Denmark - Best of Northern Zealand Bike Tour (2023)

DENMARK: Best of North Zealand. 7 days and 6 nights' hotel accommodation with buffet breakfasts, daily luggage transfer, maps and route description and a 24 hour hotline service in case of problems or questions. Very easy tour with short stages starting and finishing in Copenhagen, Denmark's largest city with over one and a half million people with the surrounding area. Major streets have bike paths down each side. Many sites to see including one of the longest walking streets in the world.


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