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Thailand- Northern Kingdoms Bike Tour (2023)

THAILAND Chiang Mai Kingdoms of the North Bike Tour 8 Days/ 7 Nights Guided  Join the ultimate cycling exploration of northern Thailand on this 8-day tour from the sites of Chiang Rai, through rural mountain landscapes and the lush forests of national parks to Chiang Mai. Discover impressive Buddhist landmarks by bike, enjoy breathtaking views, and immerse yourself in spectacular nature on your active holiday. Our cycling journey through northern Thailand begins in the city of Chiang Rai, home to the famous White Temple which we will pedal to visit. After an exploration of the local night market, we’ll hop on our bikes and ride to the dramatic Chiang Dao mountain where our efforts will be rewarded with jaw-dropping views. Here we’ll have the chance to pedal our way through Pha Daeng National Park, past impressive limestone karsts and idyllic waterfalls. Ride to the sloping landscapes of Maetang, where we’ll have the chance to learn about a carefully-chosen elephant sanctuary and make the most of our surroundings with some engaging activities.

From here, we make our way on two wheels to Chiang Mai, perhaps the most well-known northern Thailand city. We’ll delve into the local culture with a food tour that showcases the highlights of this flavorful (and often spicy!) cuisine, a tour of a local botanical garden, and visits to the spiritual sites of Doi Suthep and the Monk’s Trail. This tour encapsulates the best of the Chiang Mai region and provides the opportunity to make genuine connections with friendly locals, great riding and plenty of picturesque landscapes. For more information about this special tour, please download the PDF

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