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Netherlands - The Green Heart of Holland by Bike and Barge Tour (2021-2022)

 NETHERLANDS: The Green Heart of Holland by Bike and Barge Tour During this eight day, seven night tour on board the charming barge Flora you can cycle individually and at your own pace as you discover the ‘Green Heart” of Holland, a region steeped in history, natural attractions, world famous cities and beautiful scenery.  Along the way you will visit historical cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Leiden and Gouda.  You will discover many culturally historic attractions and, more importantly, you will be able to immerse yourself in the very heart of this fascinating and very Dutch part of Holland.  Also if you are an art lover, you will enjoy the visits on Leiden, Haarlem and Delft where painters such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Vermeer lived and worked. But far from just being about big cities and Dutch history, this tour is also about picturesque villages and beautiful scenery of the ‘green lung’ districts of central and South Holland. One thing is certain: by the end of the tour you will not only come away with a new found appreciation for bike and barge cruising, but for everything that is Dutch. A bonus during this tour is the fact that the Flora docks in and around the city center of the various cities and villages visited at the end of each day’s cycling, giving you the opportunity to visit and explore at your leisure at night.

To see more that this tour offers, please download the PDF. We offer many other boat and bike tours in The Netherlands and from Amsterdam to Bruges. Also cycling tours on part of the 35,000 km off cycling paths that can take you throughout the country.

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