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Netherlands - Germany - Amsterdam to Cologne by Bike and Barge (2021)

NETHERLANDS - GERMANY: Amsterdam to Cologne by Bike and Barge  8 days and 7 nights' cabin (bedding, towels and soap) accommodation. Breakfast and dinner on board and lunch packages when on the road. Always coffee and tea available during the day. The tour guide cycles with the group. There are a minimum 3 city walks in the evening with tour guide. Free Wi-Fi (limited available in lounge and on deck). Each cabin receives one road book. The ferry fares on the route are also included. GPS tracks (on request). This 257 km tour is the lightest cycling holiday, suited for everyone and people of all ages. On virtually flat terrain, with distances up to 50 kilometers. You spend about 4 hours on your bicycle.  This tour is done with the barge "Sailing Home" which started cruising in 2001. The interior of the saloon and bar is decorated in a modern Victorian style and offers a lot of comfort. Only thirteen double on the barge (the 13 double cabins with twin beds can be placed together). This motorized passenger vessels, about 35 - 45 meters in length, was a former river vessel especially converted for this kind of holiday. The barges all comply with the strict safety regulations laid down by the Dutch Shipping Inspection Authorities. On board you find a cozy dining room, a sun deck/a deck for the bicycles. All cabins are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower and toilet, 220 voltage and central heating and air conditioning. There is limited storage space in the cabin. We recommend 1 suitcase per person which can be slide under the bed. Cruising on a boat and cycling through a colourful countryside is the perfect recipe for a successful holiday. Biking and active during the day, the boat accompanies you along the river to welcome you at the day's goal as your floating hotel. First you will bike through the flat, peaceful countryside of Holland, with the famous windmills along the way. You bike along the winding river Vecht with its impressive mansions on its banks and you visit a real Dutch cheese farm, where cheese is still produced according to traditional methods. We also bike through National Park de Hoge Veluwe with its abundant scenic beauty. You will enjoy the gorgeous river scenery of the rivers IJssel and Rhine, first in the Netherlands and later in Germany. We follow the Rhine valley upstream, first wide and flat along farmland and meadows, later through industrial areas where we learn about the important history of the river. We also visit the charming old city of Düsseldorf and the tour ends in Cologne with her magnificent cathedral. Apart from the beautiful landscape, you will see cultural highlights, art treasures, and you can enjoy regional culinary specialties.


For a day to day description of what you will see each day, please download the PDF. We offer many other cycling and barge boat tours. Let us know where you want to visit?



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