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Netherlands - Belgium - Amsterdam to Bruges by Bike and Barge Tour (2021)

NETHERLANDS - BELGIUM: Amsterdam to Bruges by Bike and Barge 8 days and 7 nights' cabin accommodation with breakfast and dinner on board. Lunch packages when on the road. And coffee and tea on board. Rooms all have private facilities and come with bedding, towels and soap. Tour guide cycles with the group. Minimum 3 city walks with tour guide Free Wi-Fi (limited available in lounge and on deck). Each room is provided with a tour road book.Ferry fares on the route included. GPS tracks (on request). There are five different barges doing this tour, Travel season from about mid-May until mid- October. This easy 299 - 308 km tour is suitable for everyone and people of all ages. On virtually flat terrain, with distances up to 50 kilometers per day. You spend about 4 hours on your bicycle. Two countriesHolland and Belgium, united in one route. Combining the highlights of Holland’s Golden Age and the heydays of the Flemish trade cities in the middle Ages (very much unchanged). And of course, Holland’s own world wonder: the Delta Works. Notice the big difference between the green polder landscape abounding in water, with its tranquil roads and villages and the old world of islands in Zeeland with its pastures, creeks, winding dikes and dams. On top of that the often so picturesque Flemish countryside between the Belgian cities of Gent and Bruges. The great rivers are a prominent feature in this part of the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course you will get to know our own, Dutch Wonder of the World: the Delta Works, evidence of the eternal battle against the waters of the sea.

For much more information, please download the PDF. We offer many other boat/bike tours from other companies that do this route. Also cycling from Amsterdam to Bruges or Bruges to Amsterdam.

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