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Netherlands – Tulip Tour by Bike and Barge (2022)

NETHERLANDS: Tulip Tour by Bike and Barge 8 days and 7 nights' cabin (bedding, towels and soap) accommodation. Breakfast and dinner on board and lunch packages when on the road. Always coffee and tea available during the day. The tour guide cycles with the group. There are a minimum 3 city walks in the evening with tour guide. Free Wi-Fi (limited available in lounge and on deck). Each cabin receives one road book. Entrance Keukenhof, including public transport is included. The ferry fares on the route are also included. GPS tracks (on request). This 205 km tour is the lightest cycling holiday, suited for everyone and people of all ages. On virtually flat terrain, with distances up to 50 kilometers. You spend about 4 hours on your bicycle. This company uses three different barges for the tulip tours beginning March 28th until May 2nd, offering special tulip tours, centered on the Tulip theme and you will visit the Keukenhof. The tulip originated in Turkey. The tulip bulb reached The Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The flower and bulb were thought to be so special that a lively trade arose quite quickly. In 1634 there was one single bulb that was so expensive, a whole canal side house in Amsterdam could be bought with the money worth it. In 1637 the government took the speculation in hand and the bulbs dropped in price drastically. The bulb and flower became "normal". The cycle route leads through vast fields of tulips. You will of course also visit the world famous, 32 hectares’ park The Keukenhof, where you can admire the wonderful colourful fields with flowering bulbs in peace and quiet.

For a full description of what you will see each day, please download the PDF. We offer barge/bike tours in the Netherlands into October. Many choices. Much to see and visit in a country with many cycling paths and whose population speaks English.


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