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India - Explore the Brahmaputra by Boat and Bicycle Tour (2021)

INDIA: Explore the Brahmaputra by Boat and Bicycle Tour 9 days and 8 nights' accommodation in hotels or on board the Charaidew including 8 x breakfast, 8 x lunch and 8 x dinner and snacks and drinks too. English speaking guide plus air-conditioned support van with bicycle mechanic. This tour also includes the hybrid bike rental, a cycle jersey and water bottle. This relatively easy 165-240 km tour in India offers a variety of cycle terrain. This bike tour follows predominantly small, flat, country roads and lanes with little traffic and some occasional stretches on busier roads. The cycling portions are never overly long, and the pace is relaxed making the riding broadly achievable for anyone comfortable on a bicycle. A support vehicle is always on hand throughout the entire trip to give you a lift if you need a break from the riding. The Brahmaputra, one of the world’s most storied rivers, The  2,900 km long Brahmaputra is one of the major rivers of Asia, a trans-boundary river which flows through China, India and Bangladesh whose source is the Chemayungdung Glacier, which covers the slopes of the Himalayas and flows through the northeastern most area of India before turning south to the sea. Sourced in Tibet, in the Indian stretch of river we cycle past national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, countless temples and typical riverside villages where the locals will be as enchanted by us as we are by them. Join us as we launch this spectacular bike & barge journey along the Brahmaputra, featuring a mixture of tribal, mythological, cultural and nature-filled cycling adventures guaranteed to thrill you at every turn. Non-cycling guests will also enjoy the full experience with plenty of off boat activities, such as guided walking tours, along with visits to all the cultural and historic sites on our route. Immerse yourself fully in Northeastern India with this epic journey by bike and boat along with land and river.

For more information on this amazing boat and bike tour, please download the PDF. We offer other boat/bike tours in Asia and many cycling tours not all on our website. Let us know what you are looking to do.



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