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Greece - Peloponnese & Saronic Islands by Bike and Boat Tour (2021-2022)

GREECE: Peloponnese & Saronic Islands by Bike and Boat Tour 8 days and 7 nights' cabin accommodation in a motorized yacht with crew. All twin cabins are below deck and come with shower/toilet. This guided bicycle tour includes sightseeing as described in the itinerary. Also Included on this tour is the 2 x full board and 5 x half board meals and bed linen and towels, Daily overview maps for the daily bike tours (on board) and includes entrance fees to archaeological sites (group visit only). English speaking tour guide. The 200 km route is considered moderate with bike routes that have a length of 23 to 50 km through mainly hilly and mountainous terrain and with the opportunity to be completed without any time constraints. There are also some extended climbs where walking your bicycle is of course permitted. Most of the roads are asphalted and rarely frequented. Your tour guide informs you each day about the tour details. This tour is primarily a guided group tour. Upon consultation with your tour guides, the possibility to cycle on your own along recommended, suitable routes, may present itself. Helmet use is mandatory on all cycle tours. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own (well-fitted) helmet. Cycle helmets are available on board in limited number (on request). You are free to set aside a half or full day to swim or spend on board the boat, instead of taking a planned cycle tour. The Peloponnese is a Greek region steeped in history. The Mycenaeans, ancient Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, and Albanians have all left their mark on the “Island of Pelops”. Here you will find some of the greatest archaeological sites of antiquity and the middle Ages. Discover this unique, culturally rich region as well as the diverse islands of the Saronic Gulf by boat and bike! The three masted Bahriyeli will be your floating home as you travel on this one-of-a-kind journey through 5,000 years of Greek history. Cycle through orange orchards and pomegranate plantations. Experience the “Golden Mycenae” and the impressive Lion Gate (the main entrance of the Bronze Age citadel of Mycenae, southern Greece. It was erected during the 13th century BC, around 1250 BC in the northwest side of the acropolis and is named after the relief sculpture of two lionesses or lions in a heraldic pose that stands above the entrance), the cyclopean walls and the Treasury of Atreus. Stroll through the picturesque, medieval town of Nafplio (seaport) with its imposing fortifications and embark on a geological journey through time on the volcanic peninsula of Methana! Discover the enchanting islands of the Saronic Gulf each with its own distinct and unique character. Be it the pistachio island of Aegina where the Temple of Aphaia sits enthroned high above the blue of the sea or the completely traffic free island of Hydra where the countless donkeys have been the only means of transport since time immemorial. The islands of Poros and Spetses, fragrant with wild herbs, is sure to enchant your senses as take in panoramic views while cycling along almost traffic free roads!

For more information on this boat and bike tour, please download the PDF. We offer many other boat and bike tours in this region and many other countries on our website. Also, we offer cycling and hiking tours in Greece. Some tours are not of our website. Let us know what you want to do.



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