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France - Loire Valley from Briare to Nevers by Bike and Boat Tour(2021-2022)

FRANCE: Loire Valley from Briare to Nevers by Bike and Boat Tour 8 days and 7 nights' cabin accommodation including breakfast and dinner on board with lunch packages when on the road. Coffee and tea always available. Cabins come with bedding, towels, and soap. Tour guide cycles with the group and you will enjoy a minimum of 3 city walks with the tour guide. Free WiFi (limited available in lounge and on deck) There is one set per cabin of the route information.  Any ferry fares on the route are included. GPS tracks (on request). This relatively easy 255 km tour is suitable for people of all ages. On some days you will be cycling through a windy area or (depending on the tour) and may encounter short slopes with differences in heights up to 75 m. or (gently rolling terrain); with distances up to 55 kilometers per day. You spend about 5 hours on your bicycle each day. This tour alternates weekly from starts in either Briare or Nevers beginning August 19th and runs until October 3rd. The Clair de Lune is a motorized passenger vessel, about 35 - 45 meters in length, is a former river vessel especially converted for this kind of holiday. This barge complies with the strict safety regulations laid down by the Dutch Shipping Inspection Authorities. On board you find a cozy dining room, a sun deck/a deck for the bicycles. All cabins are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower and toilet, 220 voltage and central heating. The chef prepares nice meals, which are served in the dining saloon. Cabins: Nine cabins with private shower, wash basin, toilet and central heating. The beds cannot be placed together. There are 3x double cabin for 2 passengers (1 double bed); 5x double cabin for 2 passengers (1 split level bed), 1x single cabin for 1 passenger (1 single bed). Hairdryers are available on board. There is limited storage space in the cabin. We recommend 1 suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under the bed. Do not expect a cruise ship with its passive luxury. The Bike & Barge Holidays are for people who really enjoy not only the physical activity of cycling, learning about the past and who value sociability more than wholesale luxury. The Loire Valley between the cities of Briare and Nevers in the heart of France is a very well-suited region for a relaxing bike and barge holiday. Following the flow of the Loire River you gently ride through the green countryside with charming little villages and old castles and palaces. The rich landscape boasts many fruitful vineyards. Especially well known are the Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé wines. Both wines are reckoned to be among the most prestigious in the world. You will also see impressive examples of canal building engineering along the Canal lateral du Loire. The small city of Briare with its picturesque locks and aqueduct is our starting point. On the first day you will ride to Rogy-les-Sept-Ecluses via the Pont Chevron castle. Through a beautiful region of lakes and past castles you will cycle along the Loire and visit Chatillon-sur-Loire with its impressive locks. Wine tasting in the region of Sancerrre and the Pouilly Fumé wines cannot be missed. In between you will ride to St. Brisson Forest and through seemingly endless vineyards. On the way to the city of Nevers you will also visit the ancient Roman town of La Charité-sur-Loire with a 16th century stone bridge and the Château of Apremont, dating back to the 12th century and lavishly surrounded by gardens. The final destination of this week, the historical town of Nevers (known for its art and history), is in itself already worth a visit of a few days. 

For more information on this barge and bike tour, please download the PDF. We offer many cycling tours in France. Let us know what you would like to see?

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