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France - Fortified Castle Trail Northern Vosges Mountains Hiking Tour( 2021)

FRANCE: Fortified Castle Trail Northern Vosges Mountains Hiking Tour 8 days and 7 nights’ accommodation with breakfasts and daily luggage transfer. Overnight stays in 2** and 3*** hotels.  Road book with maps and tourist information. This hiking tour has daily departures. Total distance about 120 km. The hike, for several days, is in the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Reserve in Alsace region of France. Classed as a world nature site by UNESCO Biosphere. Travel along shaded trails with numerous ancient churches, fortified castles, military remains of the Maginot line, the sandstone summits covered with magnificent forests of fir, beech or pine and the lively little hamlets with their master crystal makers and stone carvers. Enjoy the cities of Wissenbourg and Saverne and welcoming and convivial hosts.

For more information, please download the PDF. We have other tours, both hiking and cycling in this area and France. Please let us know what will work for you and we would be pleased to work with you.


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