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Bosnia - Herzegovina - Montenegro – Croatia - Cycling Bosnia and Montenegro (2021-2022)

CROATIA-BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA-MONTENEGRO: Cycling Bosnia and Montenegro Bike Tour 9 days and 8 nights' accommodation with breakfasts, 6 picnic lunches and 1 diner. Tour leader throughout. Bike rental included. Total cycling distance about 290 km on a moderate/challenging route mainly on quiet regional and village asphalt roads with the occasional gravel sections. Even a few potholes. Ride is mostly undulating with two long climbs (up to 1000m) and fast descents with stunning views of the Adriatic and the regions Karst mountains. Here you will experience the rich natural and cultural diversity of the Balkans provided by the kind of variety rarely found on European rides. The carefully planned route provides an opportunity to visit three of the six countries that were part of the former Republic of Yugoslavia. The tour ends in the magnificent city of Dubrovnik with its ancient wall, marbled streets and baroque architecture.

For a fuller description of what you will see on this tour, please download the PDF. We offer cycling, hiking and boat/bike tours in this area. Please let us know what you are looking to do.

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