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Austria - Salzburg Lake and Mountains Road Bike Tour (2022)

AUSTRIA - Salzburg Lake and Mountains Road Bike Tour 8 Days / 7 Nights Self-Guided Around the city of Salzburg you will find many road cycle trails and therefore we had the world road cycle championship in 2006. Whenever you leave the state of Salzburg, you have to cross over a mountain pass. Some of them are little and the others demand some fitness. On this tour you will cycle into the medium size mountains of Salzburg, Upper Austria, Styria and Bavaria.  You will stay overnight in the Unesco World Heritage side of Hallstatt, will pass wonderful lakes and will enjoy a scenery looking like alpine pastures. 

There will be many sides along the tours and you will have time to visit them. One of it is certainly the former emperor city of Bad Ischl where you should see the castle and the famous pastry shop of Zauner.  On this tour, you will have the same views as you see them in the movie “Sound of Music”, can visit the wedding church in Mondsee or see all the major sides in Salzburg. In Salzburg they also offer Sound of Music taxi tours. 


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