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Six Things You Should Do Before You Travel

If you are going on a trip here are six things put on your to-do list. 

  1. Make a copy of your itinerary and leave it with a friend or family member. A great back-up in case someone needs to find you or you lose your copy.
  2. Take a picture of the front page of your passport. Leave a copy with a friend or family member and leave one on your phone. This will make it easier if you have to replace a lost or stolen passport.
  3. Get your cell phone unlocked. It depends on where you are going but in many places you can get reasonably priced data packages for your phone from a local provider.  If you have a newer phone purchased in Canada it may already be unlocked. For older phones contact your service provider they are required by law to provide instructions for unlocking your phone.
  4. Check the Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisories website for travel requirements and security updates about your destination This site is updated regularly and you can also register your trip with them. This is not required but it does make it easier for them to contact you and provide consular services in the event of an emergency.
  5. Leave extra ID and credit cards at home. If you have an extra credit card leave that with someone you trust so it’s a phone call away if you lose the one you are travelling with.
  6. Book a travel appointment with your doctor to ensure that you have all required vaccinations and medications for your trip. The appointment is not covered by OHIP but some vaccinations are.  Consider getting a flu shot while you are there. You don’t want to start your holiday with the flu!