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FAQ’s & Policies

Bicycle Tours Difficulty Legend

All tours are rated based on the level of difficulty:

  • Level 1: Easy, flat route; presents few difficulties; from 30 to 60 km.
  • Level 2: Relatively easy route; includes some gentle slopes; from 40 to 70 km.
  • Level 3: Route of average difficulty; rolling, occasionally hilly terrain; from 50 to 80 km
  • Level 4: Relatively difficult route; rolling and hilly, with slopes that are quite steep; from 50 to 90 km.
  • Level 5: Difficult route; repeatedly requires a significant amount of effort; from 60 to 110 km.
  • Level 6: Very difficult route: requires constant effort, repeated climbs (passes) as well as advanced training; from 70 to 165 km

Hiking Tours Difficulty Legend

All tours are rated based on the level of difficulty:

  • Level 1: Easy route, 2 to 3 hours per day of walking. Distance between 3 km and 8 km with maximum elevation gain of 266 meters.
  • Level 2: Relatively easy route, 2 to 4 hours per day of walking. Distance between 6 km and 11km with maximum elevation gain of 433 meters.
  • Level 3: Moderate route, 3 to 5 hours per day of walking. Distance between 8 km and 14 km with maximum elevation gain of 666 meters.
  • Level 4: Difficult route, 4 to 6 hours per day of walking. Distance between 9 km and 17 km with maximum elevation gain of 1000 meters.
  • Level 5: Challenging route, 5 to 7+ hours per day of walking. Distance between 11 km and 20+ km with maximum elevation gain of 1333+ meters.

Why book a tour with OK Cycle and Adventure Tours?

  • Since 1995, OK Cycle and Adventure Tours have provided exceptionally well organized cycling trips for individuals, couples and groups.  We work with universally recognized tour operators in countries throughout the world and count on their expertise along with ours to make your holiday an extraordinary experience.  Also OK Cycle and Adventure Tours is a TICO registered, full service travel agency, giving you the peace of mind that all your travel arrangements are in good hands. 

Why book an organized cycling trip?

  • You get to know the region and its people. When travelling by car or bus you may drive past a hidden bathing spot, a beautiful old building or an idyllically situated cafe even without noticing! This doesn’t happen on a bike! And forget about waiting for everyone to catch up if you are a small group. Meet locals who will let you in on the secrets of the region or who may perhaps recommend a very good local restaurant. This is what makes a holiday truly great: being able to have varied and enjoyable experiences. Cycling makes you happy. You will be out and active in the fresh air every day and will go to bed each evening with a smile on your face and the great feeling of having accomplished something positive for your mind and body.

Why should I book my bike vacation with a tour operator?

  • Tour operators work locally and are familiar with routes and hotels that are cycling friendly, and provide great maps and instructions to get to your destination.  They also offer support along the way in case of emergency and service the bikes should anything break down.

What is a Self-Guided Tour?

  • On a self-guided tour you cycle the tour of your choice without being bound to a group, so you can decide when to start your day, where and when to take a break, and which points of interest you would like to visit. You are provided with detailed route description as well as tour information and practical tips.

What is a Guided Tour?

  • On a guided tour you cycle with a group and a tour guide who can fill you in on some interesting facts about the culture and history of the places your tour takes you. It’s an opportunity to be with like-minded people. You won’t know in advance who you will be touring with unless you come with other friends or family, but you’ll definitely have one thing in common: the joy of cycling.

How does luggage transfer work?

  • Self-guided tours are serviced with luggage transfer from hotel to hotel. Some tour operators have no limitation on luggage, while other tour operators will limit the number of pieces of luggage to one or two pieces and ask that the weight be no greater than 15 kg.

  • The only things that you need to transport in your panniers are essentials for the day.

  • Your luggage will be picked up each morning and brought to your next hotel. Make sure the luggage tags provided are on each piece of luggage and that you take them to the hotel reception each morning by 9 a.m.

How long do you ride per day?

  • Daily distances depend on the tour you book.  All daily distances are indicated in the tour brochure. Casual type tours often range between 35 and 65 kilometers per day, on easy terrain with the occasional challenges. Sporty type tours will usually have longer distances and be a more challenging terrain.  Common daily distances for sporty tours are between 70 km and 100 km. Breaks, sight-seeing, strolls, picnics or café visits will increase your time out but can provide additional enjoyment.  Most tour operators offer an E-bike option for riders who feel the distances will be challenging.

What are the requirements for the bicycle tours?

  • The requirements for the bicycle tours depend on the region, topography and local characteristics. The distances of the daily routes are stated in the tour descriptions. A description of characteristics are in each tour brochure points and out the particularities to help you decide if you are comfortable with specific tours such as levels of difficulty and distances..  Participants should be regular riders and feel comfortable riding the daily tour distances.

Why should you book a rental bike?

  • Bicycles from our tour operators are specifically geared towards their tours.  They ride well and are serviced and checked over extremely carefully before every tour.  In most cases, if you use the tour operator’s rental bikes, you receive their bike maintenance service during the tour if your bike were to break down. There is an easier and cheaper arrival and departure because you will avoid additional transport expenses and delays. As well, if you bike doesn’t arrive when you do or arrives damaged, you cannot start your tour.  If you are considering buying an electric bike, then renting one while touring is a perfect opportunity to test one out properly.

Where do I pick up my rental bike?

  • In most cases, your rental bike will be waiting for you at your hotel. Otherwise you will be directed as to where to pick up your bike.  At the end of the tour, just leave your bike at the last hotel, locked, and in the designated area. Turn in the lock key to the reception.

How do I know my rental bike will fit?

  • At time of booking, we provide the tour operator with your height in order to reserve the correct fitting bike.  Once you arrive, any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure a comfortable ride.
  • Please make sure that your seat is adjusted so that your knee has full a full extension when you pedal.  If your seat is too high, you may stretch your back and if your seat is too low, you may have knee pain.

Can I bring my own seat?

  • Yes.  Please indicate at time of booking that you will bring along your own seat. Also send along your post size to ensure that it will work with your rental bike.

Can I bring my own pedals?

  • Yes.  Please indicate at time of booking that you will bring along your own pedals.  You will also be required to bring along the necessary tools to install the pedals on to the bike.  Tour operators generally don’t do this on your behalf.

Do I need my own helmet?

  • For safety reasons, we always recommend wearing a helmet.  It is advisable to bring your own, but often helmets are available for purchase or rent from the tour operator before the tour starts. Please let us know if required at time of booking.

​Can I travel with my bike on the train?

  • It is advisable to check with the railway company in each European country to ensure your bike can be taken along. In most countries it is not an issue. In instances where bikes are not accepted on the train, other options include buses and taxis.

Will we be travelling on busy roads?

  • Routes are carefully chosen to be as traffic free as possible.  Occasionally travel in and out of large cities will require riding on some busier roads, but motorists are accustomed to sharing the road with bicycles.

Is there an age limit?

  • Generally there is no age limit for the tours. Some tours are more suited to younger riders, and offer special pricing for children under the age of 18.  Please ask us if you have any specific concerns.

What should I pack for my holiday?

  • Carefully choose the clothing you will use for cycling. Tight fitting clothes are best. Padded shorts are recommended, although not absolutely necessary. A light fold-up rain jacket, that can be put in the pannier and used when needed, is a good idea. Also include a water bottle, cycling gloves and a helmet.

I'd like to stay longer at the tour destination. Would this be possible?

  • In some cases, adding extra nights at before or at the end of the itinerary is possible. The price for additional nights are stated under the respective tour. However, extra nights must be pre-arranged at the time of booking the tour.

Cancellation Policy

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to honour the policy of the tour operator. Some tour operators require a larger deposit.  Clients will be advised at the time of booking if a larger deposit is required. The balance of the tour is due 60 days before departure.

Cancellation policies vary by tour operator but the common payment recovery structure is:

  • Cancellation 27 to 14 days before departure: 30% of payment retained by tour operator
  • Cancellation 13 to 8 days before departure: 50% of payment retained by tour operator
  • Cancellation 7 to 4 days before departure: 70% of payment retained by tour operator
  • Cancellation 3 to 0 days before departure: 90% of payment retained by tour operator

If you feel you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.  This will allow us to recover as much of your payment as possible from the tour operator.

Method of Payment

We accept cash, cheques (Canadian dollars ONLY) and E-transfers (within Canada only).  We also accept the major credit cards Visa and Mastercard.

Credit Card Logos

A 3.5% surcharge applies to all credit card transactions.

All refunds within Canada and the US will be processed by cheque.  All refunds outside of Canada and the US will be processed by wire transfer.

 A $50.00 booking fee will be charged for assistance in booking flights, hotels, train tickets, car rentals etc.