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France - Bordeaux Chateaux, Rivers and Wine Boat and Bike Tour (2018)

FRANCE: Bordeaux Chateaux, Rivers and Wine Boat and Bike Tour 8 days and 7 nights’ accommodation with full board that includes 6 picnic lunches. Tour leader on board. Fully guided option extra. Total cycling distance 275 km. The French city of Bordeaux has long been known for their fine wines. Tourists flock to the region to not only experience its renowned vineyards but also the rich culture, charming castles as well as the city of Bordeaux.

Netherlands - Tulip Tour 5 Day (2018)

NETHERLANDS: Tulip Tour 5 days and 4 nights Mini Cruise comes with cabin accommodation full board with the option of guided or self-guided. Multilingual tour leader with daily briefings. Some short city tours included at no extra cost. Total cycling distance about 85 km. Tours start from late March and tours finishes before mid-April. Two different barge options. Great way to visit the flower fields which the Netherlands is famous for and certainly Amsterdam with its many bikes.

France – Belgium - Paris to Bruges Barge and Bike Tour (2018)

FRANCE-BELGIUM: Paris to Bruges (or the reverse) Barge and Bike 15 days and 14 nights’ accommodation in a two berth cabin with private facilities and lower beds. Breakfasts, packed lunch and 6 three course dinners. 24 gear hybrid bikes included. Multi lingual tour guide. Two barges to choose from, a very popular tour. Total cycling distance about 532 km. Two countries. A tour full of history in a perfect mix with nature and culture. Castles and battlefields and so much more!

Netherlands - Belgium - Limburg Sensational Bike and Barge Tour (2018)

NETHERLANDS-BELGIUM:  Limburg Sensational Bike and Barge 7 days and 6 nights barge accommodation ( two person double bed luxury comfort class deluxe outside cabin, central heating, satellite TV/DVD/radio and private bathroom) including half board that includes a packed lunch and afternoon tea. Tour provides the First Class e-bike (Gazelle Arroyo EM that comes with a 135 km battery and more). Total cycling distance during the tour is 185 km. This tour is through splendid old Historical cities and villages on almost flat terrain.

Italy - Bike and Boat Venice to Mantua (2018)

ITALY: Boat and Bike 8 days and 7 nights with meals and guided (or self-guided). Either start in Venice or Mantova (157 km west of Venice on the train). Two sizes of barge do this route. 10 cabin Vita Pugna or the 20 cabin Ava Maria. Route follows the Po River and canals. Tour includes some city guided tours by locals, visit to a circus museum in a town that has five factories manufacturing circus/entertainment equipment for export around the world. And a fishing village. Plus much more.

France - Boat & Bike - Provence - Camargue (2018)

FRANCE:​ Provence and Camargue Bike and Barge A wonderful seven day tour through the wild Camargue, Provence, Rhone Valley and finally toast with the precious wines of Chateauneuf du Pape. Choice of self-guided using the detailed maps or following the tour leader. Route on bike paths and low traffic rural roads and city areas. Mostly paved. Buffet breakfast, make your own lunch and great dinners each day.

Netherlands - Belgium - Highlights of Holland and Flanders Bike and Barge Tour (2018)

NETHERLANDS-BELGIUM: Highlights of Holland and Flanders Bike and Barge Tour 8 days and 7 nights’ accommodation from or to Amsterdam or Bruges. Full board including breakfasts and 6 picnic lunches during the bike tours with six three course dinners (dinner in Bruges or Antwerp not included). Multilingual tour leader with daily briefings of the bike tour routes and tour leader is cycling daily and can be reached on his cell phone for individual cyclists. Total cycling distance about 265 km. Lots of wonderful thinks to see along the route.

France - Taste of Burgundy Barge and Bike Tour (2018)

FRANCE:​ Taste of Burgundy Bike and Barge Tour 8 days and 7 nights on your hotel barge. Full board. Tour leader and bikes included. Delicious wines, impressive castles, rolling landscapes, old monasteries and a lot more. Tour starts and finishes (train transfer) in Dijon, Burgundy's capital. Electric bike option may be available at a surcharge. Only 8 cabins with private bathrooms. City tour with the tour leader.

France - Loire Valley Barge and Bike Tour (2018)

FRANCE: The Loire Valley Barge and Bike Tour. 8 days and 7 nights full board accommodation exploring the Loire Valley by barge and bike.  Bike included. Electric bike extra. Tour leader available. The Anna-Maria V barge has eight two passenger cabins with a small bathroom. Large sun deck.

For further information on this small barge, please download the PDF. Other barge and bike tours available in France and many other European countries. Many self-guided and some guided tours available in France

France – Living the Seine River Barge and Bike Tour (2018)

FRANCE: Living the Seine River Bike and Barge Tour 8 days and 7 nights from or to Paris on the small barge with only 9 cabins. Five cabins with 2 split level beds and three cabins with double beds and one cabin for single use. Full board including breakfast, packed lunch and dinner plus rental bike, info booklet and map. Even a visit to Fontainebleau castle! Transfer bus and tasting wine/cheese.