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Czech - Elbe Spring to Prague Bicycle Tour (2021)

CZECHElbe Spring to Prague Bicycle Tour 8 days and 7 nights' accommodation for self-guided tour are in selected hotels and pensions (city standard/premium) with breakfast on all days and transportation of luggage between hotels between 9 am and 4 pm. Individual pre-tour meeting at appointed time at client hotel on the first day of the tour providing the cyclist with day by day description with altitude profiles, places to visit and local tips, official biking maps with highlighted routing, detailed tailor made cycling maps, detailed town maps with highlighted routing to/from hotel and step by step route description (one set per room). At that time also train tickets and train time tables (for tours where train transfer is part of a tour schedule) and practical bike ride and safety information. The tour also has 24-hour hotline assistance service for any questions. For the guided tour you are in selected hotels and pensions with breakfast on all days and dinners with one drink on all biking days except the last one (some tours may have dinners also on last day – for more info, please check price list). Pick-up from any Prague hotel on the first day of the tour at an appointed time. There is a welcome briefing on the first day and during all biking days there is a specialized bicycle tour leader and support vehicle with refreshments  (soft drinks, snacks, sweets, fruit) and water for bike-flasks that also available, technical service on the route and if necessary first aid service. You will receive maps of towns of accommodation on the tour and program and detailed day-by-day description (one set per room). Detailed cycling maps (on request).  Practical bike ride safety training provided and all transportation of participants and their luggage and bicycles during the tour. This is a relatively easy 323 km tour on 85-90% asphalt on either small roads or designated cycle tracks. The rest is on gravel or dirt trails perfectly suitable for all bikes we offer. This special journey follows the stream of this significant European river from its spring to Prague. During our trip you see how the small brook gradually changes into one of the largest rivers in Europe. We start in the highest mountain range of the Czech Republic that is also the first National Park established in this country – the Giant Mountains. We follow the route of traditional mountain villages until we reach the lowlands of Polabí. Here, historical cities such as Hradec Králové, Kolín, Pardubice, the spa Poděbrady, the fortress Josefov, or the largest Safari in Europe, situated in Dvůr Králové, will be visited. You will also see the oldest European stud farm in Kladruby. One of the highlights of this journey is the historical city on the UNESCO world heritage of Kutna Hora. Our journey concludes in the historical seat of Bohemian kings – Prague.

For more information of this tour that goes downstream to Prague, please download the PDF. This tour is a great way to start several tours that start in Prague and you could then cycle to Krakow or Vienna or Dresden or Budapest. Let us know if you don't see what you want to do on our website.



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