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David Pledger......

Hello fellow cyclists and triathletes. i am writing a brief note to endorse Manny Agulnik and We just returned from a bike/barge tour from Venice to Mantova Italy. Manny carefully and selectively customized our trip and made recommendations to maximize the enjoyment of our trip. Others on the tour didn't have the smooth connections and fine accommodations arranged by Manny.

This tour follows the Po river of Italy and is an excellent option for cyclists and couples of varying abilities. Seventeen bike riders, excellent meals, service and guiding by the barge employees. The food, tours and scenery were all amazing. Can't wait to book another tour to Europe with Manny next year. It was really refreshing to have a passionate cyclist take care of your every demand on a trip such as this. Email if you wish more details. By the way, i didn't know Manny before this trip but found out about him through the TriRudy site. So thanks TirRudy.